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Fils et pelotes

Stitch markers

Stitch markers

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For all crochet enthusiasts, stitch markers slip into each project to identify:

- The start of the tour
- The start and end of a pattern,
- The location of increases or decreases.

The charms can also be used to hang on a zipper!

Sold individually.

Hand assembly.


Pineapple: 2.5 cm/1.6cm

Banana: 2cm/1.8cm

Cherry: 2cm/1.8cm

Bird: 1.6cm/ 1.9cm

Flowers: 1.2 cm/ 1.7cm

Unicorn: 2 cm/3 cm

Girl Power: 1.6cm/1cm

Pink/yellow heart: 0.5 cm

Avocado: 2.2cm/ 1.5cm

Cloud: 2cm/1.8cm

Candy: 2.9cm/1.9cm

Cacti: 2cm/3cm

White flower: 1.5cm

Eye: 1.5cm

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